Friday, August 27, 2010

What we are given

Driving into work this morning I was listening to my usual, K-Love. The song "God You Reign" came on. First of all I thoroughly enjoy this song. But as I was listening to it this morning it really moved me... I sat there thinking to God, so basically praying in my own way, about how much he has given me, and how my view of life has truly been changed since having Brody. This morning for the first time I thought of Brody as our gift from God. Brody without knowing it, or even doing anything for this cause, has brought God back into my life. . . And I am so thankful. I have been given so much of the things that really matter.... family, love, friendship, health. These are the things that matter most and touch my heart single everyday. The song brought me to tears this morning, in a good way. God has brought me happiness :) Have a great Friday friends!

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