Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sick Baby

So Brods was not feeling so well. We had taken the day off to attended a funeral. Brods woke up with a fever and it did not break until late last night. After we got back from the funeral, probably about1, we literally laid around and napped with our boy all day. When Brods gets a fever all he does is sleep.But he does not want to sleep in his bed... he only wants to sleep on my chest. Which is just fine by me. I love cuddle time with my boy.

So while we were laying around I played a little with the camera on my phone as well as the mobile photoshop I downloaded on my phone. Most of the pics for the blog I take with my phone. Its something that I always have on me so it makes it really convenient to document things :) So here are a few of our sick baby day...

While laying down with a 20 pound baby on your chest there is not a whole lot you can get done, besides loving on you little one :) He woke up feeling a bit better, no fever but still a little cranky. We will see how the day continues on. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

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