Thursday, August 26, 2010

My love for Rompers

I love me a good romper! Granted I only have 2 of them, and one of them was just given to me by my sister, they both are among my favorites in my wardrobe! I have my yellow cotton one... very casual, cute and easy for running errands and such!

This was one of my fav outfits for Disney world it was so easy and comfy! LOVE IT! First with PJ in Animal Kingdom, you can see the mountain in the back! And the second is probably one of my fav pictures from the whole trip! We entered Africa (in Animal Kingdom) and I saw an African Dancing tutorial going on. I asked all the girls if they wanted to try it. Ella was the only one who wanted to! I was SHOCKED that the other girls did not jump at the chance! Regardless Ella and I had the best time shaking our booties! I think the picture portrays that really well :)

The second romper i just inherited from my sister. Its a denim one. A little dressier, if you can even call a romper dressy! haha I wore it for the first time last Sunday. I threw a green cardigan over it and put on an antique gold broach (I believe my great grandmothers on my mom's side) and yes I did wear it to breakfast and church :) Along with my 2 most used accessories, the diaper bag and my coffee mug! Here are a few pics out front before heading to breakfast at Einstein Bros with the fam.
PJ took these pics and apparently could not get one with my eyes open! Oh that silly boy. Oh well you all get the point!
Happy almost Friday day!

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