Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It seems as of lately PJ and mines relationship has been getting stronger and better everyday. Not that it was ever weak to start with! Here in the last few weeks it just feels like it has been "blossoming" if you will. I am not exactly sure why.... I can not quite put my finger on it. We have been doing almost everything together and I have really enjoyed his company. Lots of giggling and smiling, its been really fun to be us lately! I think its because we have been getting out and doing stuff together as a family. Saturday for example we went took Brody to the small park down the street. We were only gone for about 45 minutes but had a great time! Brody went down the slides, and played in the baby swing. Oh and his favorite was this little playset with a steering wheel! He stood there and talked and banged on the wheel for a good 2 minutes :)

I love these simple moments more and more every day. I know I talk about how blessed I am with my wonderful family, but I feel it everyday, how lucky I am. The moments from Brody's sleepy little eyes opening followed by his sweet sleepy smiles, to the our goodnight kiss, these are the things that I will always remember. Too many times does it happen that we forget about all the little joys in our life. They get lost in our busy schedules or our work deadlines.... we forget to take the time to enjoy the true treasures in life, family, mothers, sons, husbands, wives, sisters, good food, a good joke.... the little things that make us happy. They are different for everyone. So take the time to figure out what makes you happy.... and make sure you MAKE the time to do it!

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