Monday, August 16, 2010

Family day

We had a great Sunday! I woke up and met my mom for breakfast on the patio at Einstein brothers, read the paper and munched away on a breakfast sandwich. We headed to church and then the grocery store after that. We got home around 1 and I thought Brody would go down for a nap.... I was wrong! So we met up with the fam at the pool. It was a perfect "pool day" as my mom would say. The temp probably reached 85 there were white fluffy clouds and lots of wonderful rays.

Brody & Nana (LOVE this pic!)

I can not believe how time flies. I remember the first time we went to the Prairie Village pool and Brods just sat in between my legs content to sit and watch. Boy have things changed! He was wanting to crawl all over the baby pool, Chase his little fish toys, stand up, splash around. You name it and he was up for it yesterday!

It was a great Sunday! Hope everyone has a wonderful week :)

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  1. Awww, those pictures of Brody are fricken adorable!! Looks like he was having a lot of fun in the baby pool! I love his whole outfit too! :)

    From Aisha