Friday, August 20, 2010

Super Woman

Even though I know I am not Superwoman, I did have a superwoman night last night :) I got almost everything marked off my list that I wanted to! This rarely happens, sometimes I don't even get to the list to start redlining....
  1. Fold Brody's laundry
  2. Changing Brody's sheets/blanket & tidy up his little room
  3. Start my laundry
  4. Weed garden (its like a small jungle out there)
  5. Go through seeds, separate & get rid of the old
  6. Make dinner & homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert
  7. Make zucchini bread for trip to PJ's parents (and one loaf for work this AM)
  8. take a shower
  9. Paint my finger nails

And I got everything checked off except for starting my own laundry & painting my finger nails which have now been transferred to my list for today :) I love when I am able to be productive! I got all of this done while working a full time job, then coming home to my second, and FAVORITE, full time job, being a super fantabulous Mama! (or doing my darnedest) Ok I am done patting myself on the back for this morning. Everyone have a WONDERFUL Friday!!!!

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