Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have to admit I did not take very good care of my garden this summer... I thought I would have all of this spare time while working full time, being a mommy and keeping our home up... not so much the case. I guess I could have been out there from 7:30 - 8:30 but by the time dinner is done and the kitchen is cleaned up I barely wanted to take a shower and crawl into bed. So anyways I went out to pick some tomatoes last night, a few of us are meeting up for a picnic today and i volunteered to bring bruschetta, and there was a small jungle of weeds and volunteer tomatoes growing in my garden. I hated to do it but i just started ripping things out like there was no tomorrow! I cleared out about 4 volunteer tomato plants and several large arm fulls of weeds, oh trust me there is still much more to be done. There were tomatoes that had been on the ground that were rotting, this was not a pretty sight people! So I spent roughly 45 mins picking, pulling, throwing... etc you get the picture. I did come out with 2 large bowls full of tomatoes. I have a lot of beautiful cherry tomatoes i also have a lot of large tomatoes that have tomato blight on one half. I made bruschetta out of the pretty tomatoes and am saving the others for salsa making tonight with my mom and sis :) Well its really salsa making with my mom.... Beth likes to come over hang out with Brods and then take a bunch of the salsa home. lol she does not get down with the whole cooking thing. Here are a few pics of some tomatoes that I picked. Happy hump day!

This is a medium sized tomato, even though it looks like a grape tomato in this pic. Its actually the perfect size in my book! Its like a mix between grape & Roma.

A cherry tomato sliced in half before going into the bruschetta bowl! So delicious and juicy. I think cherry tomatoes might be my fav!

This one looked like a little pumpkin! Like the ones that are used for table decor during the fall... Seriously SO CUTE! I am going to slice it up to go with some mozzarella for lunch today.

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  1. It does look like a pumpkin! I recommend tomato, mozzarella, red onion and some tuna as a salad. Delish and healthy.