Thursday, August 19, 2010


My sister, Beth and her husband, Kevin, have the same birthday.... August 6 but they are one year about. So this year for Kevin's 30th birthday Beth decided to put together a party for the big 3 0! They rented a patio at a local bar and invited family and friends. It was a great time! It took about 4 days to recover from the cocktails. But hey, every now and then you have to really celebrate. And what a perfect occasion to do so! Here are some pics from the lovely evening :)

Beth and Kevin with their birthday hats on! We are about to sing happy birthday to them both.

The 2 birthday cakes!

Dad & Beth The 2 proud Mamas!
Rick, basically party of the family with Sarah and me! Me and Peeeeeeeeej :)

Me and the B-day Boy! Our boys!

Happy B-day Sistie! Brent, our brotha from anotha motha! (Just pretend)
Me and Gracie Lou Me and Sari
Kevin and his college buddies that came out to celebrate him turning 30!
Fun was had & sleep was lost, but you gotta do what you gotta do!
Happy Thursday Friends!

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