Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy busy week!

So its already Tuesday! Monday flew by, thank goodness and here we are. I have a lot of plans for this week! Most of them are recipes I want to try. This evening we have our Parents as Teachers lady, Kathleen, coming by for a visit at 4:30. I am very excited! We have only met with her once but she was so wonderful it was hard to wait all summer to meet with her again! At 7 this evening I am meeting up with a few work friends for a drink! I know.... On a Tuesday! One of the architects here is in a "Rockabilly" band that is playing in Westport at 7. Seeing as I promised him I would come see him play at some point, I figured a 7 o'clock show was the perfect time for me :) I can still be at home in bed by 10! (You know you are getting old when you say that) lol
As for the rest of the week there are several new recipes I want to try! Most of them are from blogs that I subscribe to :)
Cauliflower Curry from The Way the Cookie Crumbles
Lime Coconut Cheesecake from Our Best Bites
I need to use up an old baguette (bread crumbs), so I was thinking maybe an easy chicken parm with whole wheat pasta? I would just throw this one together, no recipe needed.
Blueberry Crumb bars from Annie's Eats (We made the peach ones last week! SO GOOD)
Apple Pie from Deb Spalding, a fellow 360er who gave our pie tutorial!
I know I will not get all of these desserts made but I am thinking I will definitely get the apple pie made. My Grandma picked some apples for me a few weeks back that I still have not used! YIKES. I hope they are still good because I was going to make her mini apple pies in my large cupcake pan... Or I guess I could just go for the full pie since my Aunt Marian will be in town. I know that between, Granny & Grandpa, Mom & Dad, Me & PJ and Marian this pie will get eaten! That is what I will do :)
So that is all on my week for now! Have a great Tuesday :)

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