Thursday, September 23, 2010

Afterschool Play

I always try and think of fun things we can do for an hour or so on the weekdays after we get home from work. They have to be things that will keep us all entertained, which keeping PJ and Brody entertained together can be a little challenging. lol So lately Brods and I have been throwing down a blanket in the front yard and playing outside. The weather has been perfect for this and I love getting Bubs outside to look around and soak it all up like the little sponge that he is! I want him to love the outdoors, and choose playing outside over watching TV inside. So I figure its never to early to start! We grabbed a big beach towel, some toys and a Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazine and headed out to the front yard :)
Bubs loves to play with my glasses. I should probably break that habit now....

Bubs was making a funny face, it looks like he was not having that much fun. lol But I promise he is :)

He is such a big boy! He learned to stack the rings that day!
I am the luckiest Mama in the world!

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