Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Garden

This is the first year I have attempted a fall garden. I had a bunch of leftover seeds from my spring garden that I decided to give it a shot and throw them in the ground! My dad lent me a garden tool, I'm not sure the name of it though... It worked great from breaking up the top layer of soil and uprooting weeds as well.

Radish (first 2 rows, big green) & Beet seedlings (second 2 rows, little green with purple stem)

3 random green bean seedlings popped up out of nowhere! They must have been dormant from last year? This is one of them. Green beans are one of the best things to watch grow because they are so dramatic and grow almost an inch in one day it seems like!
Green leaf lettuce. My lettuce got bitter very quickly during my spring harvest so i am hoping the cool fall weather will allow the lettuce to grow without bolting.
Carrot seedlings. I had leftover carrot seeds from 2009. I did not think they would grow but they totally surprised me! I have one little row of carrots. It is not a full row a few popped up here and there, but hey I will take it!
Tomato bloom. I have tomato plants that still are blooming here and there. They do not look so hot, lots of brownish limbs. But the ends look green and healthy with scattered yellow flowers :)
I will keep you updated with how things are looking here in a few weeks. Happy gardening!

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