Saturday, September 18, 2010

Productive Saturday

I love getting up and being productive on Saturday mornings! We woke up around 7 this morning, that's sleeping in for us! It was wonderful :) We played on the floor with the little boy! I wish this was my everyday life! Hes has his play face on!

After playing I started on some spiced apples for bubs. They turned out delish! He had a few over lunch. I plan on freezing some because I made way too many for him to enjoy in the near future. My Granny had picked some apples at her assisted living facility and gave me a bunch. I had already made apple pie bars so decided to share the love :)

Yummy spiced apples!
Bubs went down for his nap and I headed out to do a little weeding in my garden! I have a fall garden that I planted seed for a few weeks back. There will be a post on that soon.
Oh I also defrosted some homemade queso and made my first batch ever of homemade tortilla chips! I will never buy a bag or corn tortilla chips again. These homemade ones blow the bagged ones out of the water! Bubs is down for his second nap and I am about to head out to get an outfit for Bubs pictures tomorrow.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!

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  1. The spiced apples look yummy! And I love Brody's face! How do you make homemade chips? I've always been too nervous to.