Thursday, September 2, 2010


Kathleen from parents as teachers came over on Tuesday and it was a great visit! She reminds me very much of my Aunt Diane, who is in the same type of program but in Salina, Kansas. She is so warm and friendly, and VERY easy to talk to!
It took as awhile to get started with this program, 6 months after Brody was born to be exact. I remember my mom bugging me almost weekly to call and set up an appointment. For some reason I was not really feeling that we needed to. I though "oh this will just be one more thing to add to our already full plate" I am SOOOOOO glad I finally did make the call though!
Parents as teachers is a program that is run through school districts, I do believe its a nation wide program. To get a full description you can visit their website here.... Parents as Teachers. This is seriously a wonderful program!
So back to our visit on Tuesday. Kathleen came around 4:30 and by 4:45 we were on the floor with Brods and some new toys, testing them out. Brody of course was being a show off and talking the whole time :) That's my boy! He is right on track with his verbal skills as well as with his motor skills. Kathleen even noticed what an active boy he is! She brought a walker (kind of looked like a little push mower) over for him to try.... I have never seen him so determined! He was determined to get up and stand, leaning against it. And then when he did that he would give a little grunt of frustration when he could not walk with it. By the end of the visit though he had taken a few step on his own with the walker! He is becoming such a big boy, and so fast!
Kathleen gave us several GREAT ideas for homemade toys, and a little preview for what we should expect in the months to come :) We meet with her again on October 12th and I can not wait! If any of you have a little one you should totally look into P.A.T.
Happy almost Friday day!

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