Thursday, September 9, 2010

Buckeyes here we come!

We are headed to Columbus, Ohio EARLY tomorrow morning! Our flight leaves at 5:30 AM tomorrow, so when I say early I mean, we will be leaving our house at 4 AM early! I am SO excited for this trip! But there are mixed feelings involved... it will be the first time that we leave Brody with family for more then one night. To be honest I am already getting anxiety about it :( I had a minor breakdown this morning followed by a short novel of an email to my brother in law to give him the run down of schedules, likes, dislike and so on. I about cried already just thinking about it. I totally trust family and know that they love him, but when it comes down to it they are not us, his mommy and daddy! But at the same time I KNOW me and PJ getting away together, by ourselves will be good for us too. So I know I will have great moments and rough moments over the weekend. But overall I have a generally good feeling about our mini-vacay! I will be back next week with pictures and updates! Have a safe and fun weekend! :)

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