Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesdays with Grace!

My friend Grace and I have made a standing date night every other Tuesday. We had lost touch for awhile and finally took the steps to start getting back together again! Grace has a wonderful daughter, Maddie. So every other Tuesday we are getting together with the kids to have a play date/dinner date :) Last night Mads and Grace came over to our place to help make dinner and play! It was a blast! Maddie was in such a great mood when she arrived! It def set the mood for our date :) Brody was so fascinated by Maddie. At first I could tell he was getting frustrated because he wanted to be a big boy and play with Maddie but he was a little hesitant, seeing this was the first time we have had another kiddo, none family member, in the house. But they ended up warming up to each other and playing so well together!

Maddie was so good at sharing the toys and being gentle with Mr. Brody!
We made a new recipe, Taco Pie, adapted from It turned out fab!
I will be using this simple family friendly recipe many times in the future. The 2 mommies were even able to enjoy a glass of wine!
It was a great night with the perfect company!
Thanks for the Tuesday date night ladies :)

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