Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Last night I had some much needed girl time with Haster and Grace.

The other day over lunch I spotted an article in the Kansas City Star FYI section about women and their girlfriends. The article went over every excuse in the book about not having enough time to meet up with your girlfriends, but it also stated the importance of it. Social networking can not take the place of a hug or a smile shared between 2 friends. The article made me realize that I have been missing that piece for sometime now. I miss my girlfriends.... my family is, and will always remain number 1 in my life, but my friends should take a strong second and I have not been taking care of those relationships in the recent past. So in my attempt to become a better friend, and through that a better person, I have made an dinner date every other Tuesday with my gal pals Grace and Sarah. Nothing fancy, something homemade with lots of love for us and our kiddos :) We started our Tuesdays out last night. It was a last minute decision (we were not suppose to start until next Tuesday) so we just had a couple glasses of wine after dinner. But it was SOSOSO nice to catch up! I have missed a lot! Someone is in love, big plans are being made :) Someone threw away the key to their heart (she stated so dramatically but I don't believe her one bit!) The little tid-bits of life here and there that happen, I have missed out on those with these gals but I am sure there will be many more to come, that I fully intend on being there for! Thanks for the lovely gal time ladies! :)

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the importance of girl time, which is why I would love to send you a personal invitation for a girls' night out from Dressbarn. If interested, please email me at

    Looking forward to hearing from you!